1. This is absolutely incredible!! I’m in love (also a little jealous) of all the products you post here! Plus I love all your reviews!

    Just one question, I love in Pretoria and it gets quite hot here too, do you perhaps know where I can find this magical product?

    Kind regards, much love


  2. Also, I just watched the video and can it really be that easy? One product can do all that? In the past I’ve tried a few different products to help my skin but they had little effect on it. I’m really keen to try something new.


  3. I bought this product some time ago and it’s incredible. It’s so refreshing and cooling for this summer heat! I definitely need to get the 50ml version for my handbag 🙂

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  4. Living in Cape Town, the heat can sometimes become unbearable & stumbling upon this post after checking my instagram, I definitely feel like I need this. I would seriously spray it on my boyfriends face as well, I feel so bad for him when it’s hot & he can’t stop sweating.

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  5. Urrrgggggggh this sounds so amazing and I would really like to try it out since I’ve been new to blogging and trying out everything as possible and this sounds really lovely I would really like to get this and use it because I also suffer from lots of heat rash and so much more this would be sooo nice to test out and see if it works for me.


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